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REACH has developed a range of online courses that enable you to learn new skills online.

Each course is divided into manageable chunks so you can learn at pace that suits you, and backed up by our support tutors so that you get the most out of your learning. There's no need to attend classes as all materials are online – you can learn wherever you want and whenever you want.

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Introduction to Adult Learning in Harrow

A short course giving those new to adult learning the low-down on what to expect from our courses.

Computing and ICT skills

Basic computing skills for the hearing impaired

For those with hearing impairments, email and MSN messenger are great communication tools. This course shows you how to use them on your PC and how to set up Windows to make the most of its communication features.

REACH has given me a whole new set of skills. I'm even thinking of starting my own business.

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Nigel Watson
Business Student

Extra Information

The document below contain more information about Harrow's stated policy for Adult Education

Harrow Council London Harrow Strategic Partnership